We believe research is fundamental to growth
Some key research background supporting our services are summarized below
High School Completion
Click the button to access the Removing Barriers to High School Completion report. The report was completed by a government inter-departmental team chaired by Dr. Burger that defines a comprehensive set of strategies that support students to complete high school.  See pages 24-28 for key strategies linked to student engagement, a key focus of our work!
Student Engagement
We have been researching student engagement in support of improved student achievement and  high school completion since 2003.  Key documents relating to the Student Orientation to School Questionnaire are provided below.
Value Added School Reviews
School reviews are powerfully informed by value-added data -
For a complete overview on the VASR process see the VASR Manual link below
Value Added School Review  Field Guide
SOS-Q Program Manual
Removing Barriers to High School Completion Report
SOS-Q On-Line Manual
Assessing Student Orientation to School...AJER
Non-Cognitive Assessment and Student Engagement -book chapter
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